Commercial Finance


Commercial Finance

Retail, Commercial and Industrial Property Investments

Do you own an existing commercial property or seeking to purchase a commercial property?

Peak Capital can assist you with purchasing, refinancing, lowering you finance costs, restructuring your debt and security or extracting equity for other purchases.

Commercial properties can include:

1. High Street Retail
2. Commercial Properties
3. Offices
4. Industrial
5. Storage Units
6. Medical Suites
7. Specialised Properties

Funding for Specialised Properties

We will review your current position and provide tailored advice will assist you maximise your leverage to achieve your goals.

Peak Capital has the experience to provide solutions for all investments regardless of the complexity. Rest assured, that when it is time to transact, we know commercial, retail and business property purchases.

We can also assist with commercial property acquisitions in SMSFs.

Accommodation & Pubs

Do you operate a Pub or Hotel? Are you into Motels and Caravan Parks?

Peak Capital has access to specialised lenders to assist with acquisitions, fit-outs and renovations within this industry.


Peak Capital understands the difficulties in managing a business and keeping on top of all the paperwork. From time to time some businesses’ financials and tax returns are not be up to date which leads them to a problem with their bank when seeking finance.

We have alternative solutions with non-bank lenders whereby businesses or their accountant can make a declaration about their capacity to meet and service the loan repayments. This provides customers with immediate access to capital, and when their tax returns are up to date, we can then look at traditional lending options.