Vehicle & Equipment


Vehicle & Equipment

Types Of Finance

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is the most common type of finance used by businesses when purchasing motor vehicles and equipment. It is a commercial finance product whereby you make regular repayments on the loan and the lender has a “mortgage” over the asset. With a chattel mortgage, you can claim GST, interest and depreciation components in some scenarios.


Lease finance is applicable where buyers pay for the use of the asset or equipment. The buyer does not own the vehicle/asset during the term of the lease and pays a monthly lease payment.

Types of Assets


Cars, utes and vans

Heavy Vehicles

Trucks, trailers and buses

Agricultural equipment

Tractors, trowels, cultivators and more

Construction and access equipment

Yellow Goods, Excavators, loaders, forklifts, scissor lifts and more

Other equipment

Computers, medical equipment, office fit-outs, shop fit-outs, telecommunications, IT and manufacturing

What are the general guidelines?

1. Goods must be identifiable – serial numbers preferred
2. Vendors must be verified
3. Valuations – when purchasing from non-verified vendors/ private sales

What type of security can be taken?

1. Specific equipment security registered on PPSR
2. Guarantee & Indemnity
3. General Security Agreement (when required)