Forex Trading

Why trade forex online with Peak Capital?

Quick & Secure International Payments
Manage all your international payments, transact in over 100 currencies and pay your suppliers and beneficiaries in minutes.
Account Manager
Your dedicated Manager will help you manage your international payments and FX strategy.
Easier than using a Bank
While using your bank for FX transfers might seem like the simplest option, using Peak Capital FX can make the process more streamlined and more cost-effective.
Currency Accounts
Pay your suppliers and access your funds at any time online in multiple currencies with a Global currency account. Exchange between currencies at the most competitive rates.
Market Updates
Be updated on economic or political events that impact on exchange rates to help you make better business decisions when managing your FX market risk.

Can my business use Peak Capital FX?

Our forex services are suited to all businesses, no matter your turnover. We can help large corporates as well SMEs if you send and receive foreign currency.

If you answer YES to the below 2 questions, we can help.

⦁  Do you have an ABN or ACN?
⦁  Do you buy or sell goods or services internationally?

At Peak Capital FX, we are here to support your business. Contact our team today for an FX solution for your business.